EDIC is 100% committed to our insureds – we provide resources, education, and most importantly, support in the event of a claim. We know that your reputation is your greatest asset. No other company will fight to protect your reputation as EDIC will. 


As a practicing dentist/dentist owner, EDIC offers an array of discounts to help save you money while still providing the best malpractice coverage when you need it. Our policies, programs, and office packages are catered to your needs at this point in your career. You also have the benefit of receiving EDIC group member discounts on dental supplies and office compliance programs through our partnered manufacturers and organizations.

Apply now for coverage and our customer service team will supply you all the discounts and benefits you deserve, and the coverage that is second to none.

“As dental practice owners, we are required to play many roles – clinician, manager, CEO, CFO, visionary leader, …so much responsibility and yet our time and talent is often limited. I appreciate that EDIC is a company that was formed by dentists, for dentists and continues to be governed by dentists who understand my needs.”

Richard Hunt III, DDS | Hunt & Hunt Dentistry, General Dentist, NC

Richard Hunt III, DDS | Hunt & Hunt Dentistry, General Dentist, NC

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