Dental Student

At EDIC, we have been in your shoes. EDIC is a company run by dentists. We know what it’s like to go through dental school and residency programs. It’s our job to help you navigate the exciting start of your career and to answer the risk management and practice management questions you may not be learning in dental school.

New Graduate

From Diploma to Practice, EDIC has you covered. We were there for you in your D1 – D4 years as well as any Residency Program you may have taken part in to further your education in a specialty. Now that you’ve graduated, we’re ready to help you choose the correct malpractice coverage.

Practicing Dentist/Owner

As a practicing dentist/dentist owner, EDIC offers an array of discounts to help save you money while still providing the best malpractice coverage when you need it. Our policies, programs, and office packages are catered to your needs at this point in your career.

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