New dentists are not immune to malpractice claims. Anything from negligent extractions, endodontic treatments, implants, restorations, prescribing, crown placements; a patient swallowing or aspirating a bur; a missed diagnosis; or a chemical cheek burn can occur at a moment’s notice.

Being dentists ourselves, we know what it’s like to jump into practice straight out of dental school. It can be a daunting experience to juggle multiple new administrative tasks while also seeing patients. EDIC can make this transition much more manageable with our New Dentist Concierge Program that focuses on risk management materials, practice management advice, and risk alerts tailored for dentists in their first few years of practice.

The EDIC New Dentist Concierge Program is an exclusive member benefit providing additional EDIC customer service support from a program liaison as well as a lecture series for policyholders who are currently part of our New Dentists Discount Program. Your personal EDIC Account Manager is also available to answer policy questions and concerns.

As well as receiving our premium discounts for the first five years of practice, EDIC’s New Dentists can participate in this educational program for no extra charge.

The following are benefits and resources you will receive as part of the program:

  • An EDIC Concierge Program liaison for additional customer support
  • Exclusive access to a landing page in the EDIC customer portal to access program information
  • Risk management webinars and resources specific to claims involving new dentists
  • Practice management webinars provided by EDIC representatives, your dentist colleagues, and current EDIC insureds involved in our EDIC Ambassador Program
  • Blog articles written by your peers on clinical and business practice topics
  • Risk alerts specific to new practicing dentists
  • Networking and mentoring events geared for young dentists

To access these exclusive member benefits, login to your account and go to the Concierge Program tab.

If you are not an EDIC insured, apply now to receive this exclusive benefit for your first five years of practice.


Concierge Program Lectures

Introduction to Financial Statements

Presenter: Cameron Shahbazian
There is no CEU credit for this event
Course Description:
The purpose of this lecture is to initiate a foundation and introduction to finance and accounting while becoming familiar with terms and the ability to evaluate trends and utilize useful basic equations. This course will give you an outline on how to perceive and evaluate value in entrepreneurship/business and will act as a starting point for those who have little to no background.

BORID to Tears

Presenter: Vincent Dunn, Esq
There is no CEU credit for this event
Course Description:
Avoid practice interruption and intervention by BORID. Presentation and discussion of the rules, regulations and requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) including: compliance with applicable rules and regulations; procedural primer for actions before the BORID; understanding risk management, safety and licensing issues; proper record-keeping; and informed consent.

Contract Reading (No CEU credit for this course)

Presenter: Kristen M. Whittle, Associate and Greg Vanden-Eykel, Associate, Barton Gilman LLP
There is no CEU credit for this event
Course Description:

An EDIC LIVE Student Webinar Contracts: Can You Read Their Language? What Every New Dentist Needs to Know
This course will provide an overview of employment contracts, their relationship with the employment-at-will doctrine, and important provisions contained therein. For example, we will cover non-compete agreements, employee misclassification, arbitration provisions, termination clauses, and appropriate performance measures. We will also discuss the pitfalls of not carefully reviewing—and negotiating—employment agreements prior to entering into them. This course is designed for dentists opening their first practice, joining another dentist’s practice, or looking to make a career move.

Dental Guilt

Presenter: Nipa Thakkar, DMD, MBS
There is no CEU credit for this event
Course Description:
Being a doctor can be hard. Training to be a doctor was hard. It seems you should be grateful for all the opportunities you've been given, but when does it stop being hard? Dentistry is a tough career choice. The exacting nature of the work we do; the high ethical, moral, and legal standards and the expectations we set for ourselves can feel like a load too heavy to carry at times. Dental guilt is the resulting feeling when expectations and reality do not reconcile. In life, we know that sometimes the universe has a mind of its own, despite our best efforts. With teeth, don't we owe ourselves that same grace?

Dental Trauma and Other Pediatric Emergencies

Presenter: Jordan Telin, DDS
CEUs: 1
Course Description:
We will all inevitably face a case of dental trauma for one of our patients, whether we work in a hospital center, in a pediatric office, or a school. Having a systematic approach is the key to a thorough exam and successful outcome. Unfortunately, we also know that most incidents of suspected physical abuse remain unreported due to lack of provider confidence in assessment and executing the reporting process. All providers can benefit from insight into the approach to dental trauma and confronting difficult situations. The presenter, Jordan Telin, DDS, is a Pediatric Dentist, EDIC Ambassador, and an EDIC Insured.

Sustainability in Dentistry

Presenter: Mike Mayr, DMD
There is no CEU credit for this event
Course Description:
As the world's awareness and action towards climate change comes into focus, many look to what they can do on an individual level to reduce their carbon footprint. But in dentistry, the question is, can sustainability exist in a dental practice? Understanding what components of a dental practice lend to the greatest environmental impact will help us better identify what we can do in our practices to promote sustainability. The presenter, Mike Mayr, DMD, is a General Dentist, EDIC Board Liaison, EDIC Ambassador, EDIC Young Dentist Advisory Committee Member, and an EDIC Insured.

Your Career Pathway: When is the Right Time for the Next Step?

Presenter: Christopher Salierno, DDS, Chief Dental Officer, Tend
There is no CEU credit for this event
Course Description:
Your dental career is filled with many important decisions. Should you own a practice or just earn a strong income as an associate? If you want to be the boss, then should you buy or start from scratch? Would you like to own multiple practices? Do you dream of being a speaker, mastering an aspect of dentistry, and educating your colleagues? Dentists are quite fortunate to be able to take their careers down multiple potential paths, but that means we are faced with the tough question: when is the right time for the next step?

EDIC Ambassador Program

The exclusive EDIC Ambassador Program is a group of young EDIC dentists who share the same mission as EDIC–a commitment to the field of dentistry as well as our educational institutions and students. The Ambassadors provide EDIC with an inside look at new dentists and their practice needs. In turn, EDIC provides a platform for these individuals to share their experiences and knowledge with other young dentists. The ambassadors present lectures, write blog articles, produce video clips for social media platforms, and use their networking skills to speak to a larger audience of their peers about topics important to young dentists today.


Current EDIC Ambassadors

James E. Lee, DMD

Michael Mayr, DMD

Claire McCarthy, DMD

Rebekkah Merrell, DMD

Bre Patel, DDS

Neil Patel, DMD

Cameron Shahbazian, DMD, FICD, FACD

Garrett Wingrove, DMD, FACD, FAGD

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