Strength In Numbers

There are many reasons to be part of organized dentistry as a student and clinician. As a student you help cultivate ideas and aspire dentists to act upon legislature that help benefit dental students of the future. When practicing, labor laws change, state dental regulations change, and standards of care change. As a practicing dentist, you can help make these changes and help sculpt the profession for today and the future. Many of the claims EDIC receives each year emanate from a lack of knowledge of changes such as these. State dental societies and other organized dentistry groups make you aware of these changes. Practicing alone in an office, not attending dental society meetings, and not participating in organized dentistry, increases isolation from valuable resources to facilitate a responsible dental practice. Association with fellow professionals empowers you.  With our various educational and timely risk management programs, EDIC seeks to support you and help you to succeed in your profession and protect you from the many untoward events which dentists potentially face. EDIC encourages our younger dentists to thoroughly evaluate the concept of strength in numbers, and realize the tremendous value that organized dentistry can help in maintaining and promoting the highest standards of dentistry. EDIC is widely recognized as the only “By Dentists, For Dentists”® company and this is one of many great examples of the value of organized dentistry that is available to you today as a future dentist colleague.

Here is an abbreviated list of organizations that could benefit every dentist:

National, State and local Dental Societies

Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)

The Student National Dental Association (SNDA)

Specialty Study Groups through Dental Schools and Society Districts

Student Dental Mission Groups such as Operation Smile

Local community Outreach programs providing dental services

International Dentists Groups

Women in Dentistry Groups

American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD)

American Association of Public Health Dentistry

Specialty Dental Societies

American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

Delta Sigma Delta (DSD)

Smaller dental organization groups within your dental school

Smaller leadership committees created through your state dental society

(New Dentists Group, Ethics, Public Affairs, District Leadership, Membership)

Lobby Day – State and National

Dental Blogs and Online Opportunities for Peer Leadership ie: igniteDDS, Dental Economics

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