The EDIC Lunch N Learn Program


Learn From Real-Life Dental Malpractice Cases

Throughout the academic year, EDIC sponsors and hosts important Lunch N Learn events for dental students on real-life dental malpractice cases. EDIC’s risk management team presents these case studies of several real dental malpractice cases to the audience. A discussion follows each case, providing the audience a chance to discuss the risk management issues involved in each dental liability case. Then, the audience acts as a jury, reaching a verdict on the dental liability insurance case, and awards a judgment, along with a monetary judgment. The audience is then given the real life verdicts and awards.

To take part in the EDIC Lunch N Learn program, contact EDIC’s Risk Manager, Deb Udey, at 800-898-3342 or email Deb at

Lunch N Learn Event Calendar
UCONN September 19, 2016
BU September 20, 2016
Tufts September 2016 (TBD)
Tufts CE Course September 21, 2016
Tufts Seminar September 28, 2016
UNC Ethics October 18, 2016
VCU November 1, 2016