“Speaking as a long-term client of EDIC, I encourage all my colleagues as well as
all dentists, to join the EDIC family – a family that constantly looks out for all of its members”.

Frank Glushefski, DMD

PA Dentist, EDIC insured

“Our practice has been with MMIC Agency since 2009, I was not sure about how the transition would be with EDIC’s involvement. I can say without hesitation however, that the transition has not only been seamless, but has only improved in the services provided! The customer service and insurance provided by both MMIC Agency and EDIC are simply the best in the business.”

Dr. Anna Abernethy

NC Dentist, EDIC insured

“Thank you for your advice and counsel in dismissing a very difficult patient from my practice this week. Your guidance supported me to take the necessary action. As a result, my entire team, including myself, are breathing a sigh of relief and sleeping much better. You (John Barry) are a wonderful resource for EDIC.”

Dr. C

MA Dentist, EDIC insured

Working with EDIC was great! The Account Executive I worked with was wonderful. She answered all of my questions and got my coverage started quickly so that I could get to work.

Frank Lewicki, DMD

MA Dentist, EDIC insured

I received my check for return of premiums today and you mentioned in your letter you couldn’t do this “without committed colleagues like yourself”. It would certainly have been impossible without your efforts and dedication to our profession that colleagues receive return premiums.

Dr. Peter Laband

DMD MA Retired Dentist, EDIC insured

Once again EDIC customer service rep Debbie Macdonald always clarifying and answering my
questions. Debbie has always done so, as well as everyone else I have had the pleasure of talking
to at EDIC. Your work and professionalism does not go un-noticed or unappreciated.

Dr. Paul Dengelegi, DMD

CT Dentist, EDIC insured

“EDIC’s service is great. The convenience of having a bundle package of malpractice liability, business owners and workers’ compensation insurances makes things easier to keep track of and manage for my practice. One payment covers it all. An added plus, is the great car insurance rates that EDIC offers. I can also manage my children’s car insurance policies while they are home or at school. When a computer was stolen from a family vehicle, EDIC went above and beyond their duty to help me out with my home owner’s policy.”

Dr. Robert Guen, DMD

MA Dentist, EDIC insured

Thank you…for the benevolent “guardian angel” function that EDIC has performed over the past many years since I signed on as a charter subscriber. EDIC is one of the best things that ever happened in the world of organized dentistry…

MA Dentist, EDIC insured

Disclaimer: EDIC insured dentists generously provide all testimonials listed on the EDIC website. Insured’s identity is printed exactly how they voluntarily submitted their testimonial. EDIC respects those requests.