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Hear from Our Dentists
A black and white headshot of Peter Arsenault, DMD, MS MBA
“Eastern Dental Insurance Company (EDIC) has been an invaluable partner in my journey as a practicing dentist. I have been with EDIC since graduating from dental school in 1994. Their comprehensive coverage and " By Dentist, For Dentist" approach have allowed me to focus on providing the highest quality care to my patients with great peace of mind, knowing that like-minded professionals always " have my back" on all levels. With their support and available resources, I am confident in my ability to meet the needs of my patients while also being a proactive member of my dental team. EDIC's dedication to excellence in service aligns perfectly with my professional ethos, making it an indispensable asset to my practice.”
A black and white headshot of Peter Arsenault, DMD, MS MBA
— Peter Arsenault, DMD, MS, MBA
Cindy Kong, DMD, | General Dentist - PA
“My first day of work was less than 24 hours away and my previous provider was unable to accommodate me within eight days of my request. I contacted EDIC about my situation and they had me insured before I saw my first patient the next day. I will gladly recommend any dental professional to join EDIC.”
Cindy Kong, DMD, | General Dentist - PA
— Cindy Kong, DMD | General Dentist – PA
Dr Samantha Hunt Headshot
In our busy world, the option to have a hassle-free and convenient auto-payment option is invaluable. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the auto-pay option with EDIC.
Dr Samantha Hunt Headshot
— Samantha Keck, DMD | General Dentist – MA
Testimonial image
“I have great peace of mind knowing I can call EDIC and they understand me, my emotions, and my dentistry. I highly recommend being an EDIC insured.”
Testimonial image
— Anubha Sacheti, DMD | Dentist/EDIC Board Director – MA
A black and white headshot of James Lee, DMD
“It has never been more important to assemble a team of mentors, resources, and partners dedicated to your professional success and growth. EDIC has been a vital part of my powerful team!”
A black and white headshot of James Lee, DMD
— James Lee, DMD
Dr Bre Patel Headshot
“I was initially attracted to EDIC because it was run by dentists. Their valuable service is affordable for young dentists, and their customer service is always awesome. When I was in between jobs, or purchasing my practice, they were always helpful and quick in responding right away."
Dr Bre Patel Headshot
— Bre Patel, DDS | General Dentist – PA
Testimonial image
I’ve been with EDIC since graduation and I have been very satisfied with their services. The entire EDIC Claims Department at EDIC is very pleasant to work with.
Testimonial image
— Mina Zaki, DMD | General Dentist – MA
I’ve been insured with EDIC since graduating dental school in 2019. EDIC is a wealth of knowledge, and their customer service always goes above and beyond. One of the unique things about EDIC versus other companies is that you’re covered no matter where you work in the state. Your policy follows you from location to location. It’s nice to focus on the clinical side of dentistry knowing that I’m covered and backed up by a great company. Anyone you meet with EDIC always has a smile and they know your name! They make it easy to work with and I’ll be a client for a lifetime!
— Sarah Strickland, DDS | EDIC Insured General Dentist – NC
I've used EDIC my entire career. The customer service is excellent. I've been working with Teri Breci-Lecesse for many years. She is amazing and has always been available to answer questions or provide assistance whenever I've needed her. Dentistry is a rewarding but stressful career and having support is critical. EDIC goes above and beyond!
— Susan Smith Thompson, DDS | EDIC Insured, General Dentist – NC
Dr. Mohammed DMD Headshot
“In the hustle of the MANY things that need to be checked off to start working as a new dentist, EDIC has given me peace of mind by working with me to kick my coverage into effect immediately AND also giving me a grace period to pay for it. As a new dentist, I am so thrilled to be a member of the EDIC family!”
Dr. Mohammed DMD Headshot
— Tabitha Mohammed, DMD | General Dentist – NC
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