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Eastern Dentists Insurance Company, (EDIC), "by dentists, for dentists" company, offers dental malpractice insurance. Through its subsidiary, Eastern Dental Insurance Agency (EDIA), we are a "one-stop" resource for all types of insurance for today's practicing dentist. More about us...

EDIC Webinar and
Risk Management Series

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Registration for the EDIC fall online risk management webinars is now available:

On Thursday December 11, 2014, Dr. Raymond Fonseca and Attorney Garry Gittleman will present Nerve Injuries (for EDIC insured dentists). Click HERE for more information and to register.

On Thursday November 6, 2014, Dr. Willy Dayan spoke on Invisalign Orthodontic Benefits for the Entire Team: Cosmetics, Restoration, Prosthetic, Periodontal and Functional. CE certificates are currently being prepared. If you missed that presentation, it is now available under the "Risk Management & Webinars"/"Archived Webinars" link found in the left column.

Cyber Risk Responsibility! Are you prepared? Are you covered? Review this presentation by John G. Bagley, Esq. and Jeffrey K. O'Connor, Esq., two of the defense attorneys at Morrison Mahoney LLP.

EDIC's Spring and Fall online webinars are archived so that EDIC members can view at their convenience. Click here to access our archived webinars. EDIC webinars can earn you 2 CEU's per course.

EDIC Dentists Life Cycle Planning for every stage of your career

Our affiliate, EDIA, was formed to create a one-stop shop for insurance for dentists at every stage of their lives - as a student/dental resident, as a new professional, as an established owner/partner, as a mature practitioner, and as a retired dentist. Learn more