Taking Care of the “Other” Stuff

It’s not enough that you have graduated from dental school and passed your boards. There are many other items that need to be known or taken care of. Such as the annual licensing fee payable to your state licensing board for your license. Or the state board reporting requirements for morbidity or mortality. Or the age of consent in the state where you practice. Your state may allow a 14 year old to consent to a procedure (whether or not you choose to perform the procedure is another thing).

Once you get out into practice, you will be bound by your state’s laws and regulations. Using the excuse that you don’t know the regulations will never release you from complying with them. It’s important to have a working knowledge of the laws and regulations in the state where you practice. You should obtain a copy of your state’s Dental Practice Act and check with your State Dental Board to find what is required. Local study groups can also be a good source of information.

Dealing with legal and regulatory issues is certainly less “fun” than practicing. Be sure you do what’s necessary so the “fun” of practicing isn’t interrupted.

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