New Technologies in The Dental Office

As newer technologies enter the dental office, they bring the ability to perform procedures and protocols quicker and more efficiently. They also bring the need for education in their use and safety. In a 2016 update to its Spring 2015 issue of Lightwaves News, the Academy of Laser Dentistry outlined the requirements for the safe use of lasers.

The article urges dentists using new technologies to seek the appropriate education for their proper use and safety, and to be compliant with state and national guidelines. State Boards of Dentistry can provide guidelines for educational requirements specific to the state in which you practice. As any new technology is adopted into your office, you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure that it is used safely so that both you and your patients benefit from it.

For more risk management materials to help with your practice management, go to EDICs website at:
EDIC Risk Management Consent Forms

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