New Dentist Discounts


The EDIC New Dentist Discount Program

Graduating student dentists and resident dentists need dental malpractice insurance to protect them as they practice dentistry and moonlight for the very first time. EDIC makes that job easy. We have very affordable rates and provide you, the student dentist, with a substantial discount on your rates for the first five years, so that you can get established in your career and be protected at the same time.

EDIC provides the following polices for new dentists:

  • NEW – $50 Occurrence Policy for all new dentists
  • New dentist discounts for five years on professional malpractice liability policies
  • Moonlighting policies
  • Part-time policies
  • Leave of absence policies for maternity or military

Moonlighting Coverage

Student dentists and aspiring resident dentists need malpractice insurance to protect them as they practice dentistry. If residents should work off school premises in a private practice setting, they will require a “moonlighting” professional liability policy. EDIC makes that job easy. We have competitive rates to offer this protection. Moonlighting policies are written on an occurrence basis only and allow for 10 (ten) hours a week chair side.

New Practicing Dentists in the following states can be covered under an EDIC dental malpractice policy: CONNECTICUT, MAINE, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, RHODE ISLAND, VERMONT, and VIRGINIA.

For more information on EDIC’S new dentists discounts, call 800-898-3342 to speak to an EDIC representative or click here and submit the form.