EDIC Student Events Calendar

February 2017
February 22-26 ASDA Annual Session
February 23 ASDA Dental Expo
February 24 EDIC ASDA Districts 1-4 Exclusive Invite-Only Event
March 2017
March 6 BU Vendor Fair
March 8 Tufts Vendor Fair (Bates Research Day)
March 8 Columbia Lunch and Learn
March 9 Tufts Alumni Networking Event
March 21 Penn Lunch and Learn
March 22 Temple Vendor Fair
March 23 Penn Vendor Fair
March 23 Penn Temple Q&A Event & Happy Hour
March 27 BU Signing Day
March 28 Tufts Signing Day
March 28 Signing Day Happy Hour w/ BU, Tufts, Harvard
March 30 Rutgers ASDA Vendor Fair
April 2017
April 3 Harvard Orthodontics Resident Seminar
April 3 EDIC Boston School Q&A Event
April 5 Rutgers Research Vendor Fair
April 5 UConn Vendor Fair
April 6 VCU Vendor Fair
April 7 UNE Ethics Course
April 8 Best of Dentistry UNC
April 9 UNC Brunch
April 10 ECU Lunch and Learn
April 11 UNC Lunch and Learn
April 13 Buffalo Vendor Fair
April 26 Stony Brook Vendor Fair
April 28 Columbia Vendor Fair
May 2017
May 10 Harvard Vendor Fair
May 19-20 NCDS New Dentist Event