How does a dentist terminate a dentist-patient relationship?

Once established, a dentist-patient relationship can only be terminated as follows:

  1. By mutual consent of the dentist and the patient;
  2. Revocation by the patient;
  3. Upon completion of the services for which the dentist was retained;
  4. If the patient is not in the middle of a treatment, withdrawal by the dentist after reasonable notice to the patient. A dentist can be liable for patient abandonment if he or she unilaterally terminates the relationship without reasonable notice at a time when there is the necessity of continuing medical attention.

EDIC would recommend sending a letter to the patient by both registered and regular first-class mail. In the letter, the dentist should state that there has been a breakdown in the doctor patient relationship, and without a good doctor patient relationship, he/she can no longer treat him/her. The dentist must also state in the letter that they will remain available for an emergency situation for a period of 30 days, and the dentist should refer the patient to the state dental society if the patient needs help in finding a new dentist.

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