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Delta Echo Bravo Tango (DEBT)

Since October 2016, I've gone through the process of applying for the Army Reserves and commissioning as a captain, O-3 to a unit based near me in Atlanta. A great benefit of this opportunity is loan repayment options, but I want to make it abundantly clear that you should not apply to the military for…
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Learning on the Curve

It's always easy to write off people saying things like "you'll learn more your first year out of dental school than the whole time during school". I'm not going to try to prove that argument. but I will say I learned how to "do life" completely differently after graduating. It's also a time where you're…
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Keeping Up With The Media

It’s not surprising to hear that you have to take a news story with a grain of salt these days. Journalists only have a job if they’re able to get people to hear their stories. New York Times’ Catherine Saint Louis recently wrote a piece about flossing recently that I’m sure everyone has heard about.…
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Licensure With Borders

Licensure Without Borders Getting a license to practice dentistry is an exciting point in our lives, but it is also tainted by a process that many students have already heard about: live patient examinations. In addition to the ethical implications of using live patients in a single-treatment case, licensing exams are notorious for failing students…
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