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Insurance By Dentists, For Dentists®

Founded in 1992 by the Dental Society of Massachusetts, as a "by dentists, for dentists,®" company, Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC) has grown to thousands of members in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. The company was expressly formed to control the rising costs of dental malpractice insurance and allow our colleagues to control our own destinies.

"EDIC is a company run by dentists who understand our unique needs and put our protection first in everything that they do…they truly have our best interests at heart. In today's litigious society, we need a company like EDIC on our side. In addition, what you’ll find at some other insurance companies are bean counters who are more interested in the profit, but at EDIC, they care more about our needs." Dr. Joel M. Leon, DDS

Advantages of By Dentists, For Dentists Only Company

As a "by dentists, for dentists" only insurance company, EDIC is a mutual-type RRG (Risk Retention Group) company owned and controlled by its members. All members vote on changes in the board of directors (all dentists) and on by-laws. If there are excess profits annually, each member is granted a return of premium.

Dental Malpractice Insurance is Not the Only Insurance Offered

Because of EDIC's board of dentists, we truly understand the specific insurance needs of our colleagues and owners. Beyond dental malpractice insurance, our subsidiary, Eastern Dental Insurance Agency, EDIA, offers dentists personal insurance products and commercial insurance products for their practices. *

* Please note that not all personal insurance products are available to dentists in every state.

Controlling Claims and Costs of Dental Malpractice Insurance

EDIC's strength is in our knowledge of the profession and of dentists' needs. We possess proprietary knowledge of malpractice claims and advocate risk management education for all dentists. We aggressively defend ourselves on malpractice claims and have an enviable 93 percent success rate of winning dental malpractice cases. We have never settled a claim in 16 years without the insured's permission.

Because of these factors, we can provide our members with competitive malpractice insurance rates and great discounts for new dentists. EDIC, a "by dentists, for dentists" insurance company, has strength in its knowledge and in its sheer numbers of dentists.

We are endorsed by the Massachusetts Dental Society and the Rhode Island Dental Association.

Life Cycles

After working with dentists, we have defined different stages of a dentist's career life cycle.
They are: Dental Student/Resident, New Professional Dentist, Dentist Owner/Partner, Mature Practitioner (Dentist) and Retiring Dentist.

How to Get Started

It's simple! You can send us an e-mail at , contact us online or call our 1-800-898-3342 toll-free line and we can set up an appointment for you at your convenience. This consultation is free and you are under no obligation to invest in any product. But you will find, as our other dentists have, that EDIC, and EDIA advisors can help you map out your future with medical malpractice liability insurance, personal insurance products, and office insurance.